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During my childhood into college, I suffered from “middle child syndrome” and experienced being bullied for my weight, glasses, and hair. I remember going to school and changing my clothes and hairstyles just to fit in. When that did not work, I stopped eating to lose that weight just to fit in. Guess what? That did not work either. The kids still found something to pick on me about. I avoided a big circle of friends because I did not want my weight and how I looked compared to them.

So, during that time, I always looked forward to the weekends because I knew I would be spending them with my grandma and some of my Aunties and Uncles. My grandma’s house was my safe place. At a young age, I would watch grandma make soap for the family. After my grandma passed away on March 30, 2020, I knew the legacy must continue.

I began to research how to make soap. Soapmaking became a hobby. I knew I wanted to have a business inspiring women to love themselves despite what others say. So, I combined both my hobby and an outlet to empower women. Curvvy Queens was birthed. 

Curvvy Queens' handcrafted soap inspiration, came from my grandma "Esther Ree Applewhite". 

Who is Curvvy Queen?

Curvvy Queens is the world's leading expert for natural beauty, cosmetic, and self-care products for beautiful queens all in one place at everyday low prices.

We believe in empowering women through self-care. While encouraging women, "To Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful."


All of our products are made in Charlotte, North Carolina. We work around the clock to create, produce, and ship you the most innovative products. This way you know you are guaranteed to have the best product your money can buy.

Curvvy Queens' Community Service

Percentage of sales are donated to a non-profit organization, J.A.C. Unlimited, Inc. towards the "Arthur Ray Scholarship" and/or "Arthur Ray Care Packages". The organization provides high school seniors who are going to college with scholarships and/or care packages to relieve some of their parents' stress.