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All of Curvvy Queens' products are made with Love!


The Foundation of soapmaking amongst other things was laid by the CEO/Founder grandmother the later Esther “Ree” Applewhite. The CEO/Founder always looked forward to going to her grandmother’s house on the weekends. She would watch her grandmother cook for her family, work in the garden, and work outside of the home. One of the memories she share with her grandmother was watching her make soap.


Why soapmaking?

After the Founder/CEO's grandmother passed away in 2020. She wanted to keep the legacy going. Although soapmaking was a hobby and way for the CEO/Owner coped with grief of loss of loved ones. Friends and family loved her soap, so she made it a business.



Curvvy Queens was founded in June 2021 in Charlotte, NC. Curvvy Queens wanted to change the industry by creating a product that will have your body clean and moisturized without having to use harsh chemicals and leaving behind a thin film some soaps leave on your skin. Every small soap batch is created, hand cut, boxed, and labels at the Curvvy Queens studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. We take great pride in crafting our bars!


Supporting Curvvy Queens

While supporting Curvvy Queens 10% of sales are donated to J.A.C. Unlimited, Inc (non-profit) "Arthur Ray Scholarship/Care Package". This nonprofit provides high-school seniors scholarships/care packages who apply and plan to attend a 4-year college/university.